Bold Design


From brochures through to signage and everything in between

Bold Design

we make sure your brand values and intentions are effectively communicated. Making sure the striking creative vision for your brand flows through all collateral and content you produce. Keeping your existing relationships strong and opening up new opportunities to connect.


Brochures need to be loaded with information but not overwhelm the reader, at the same time as looking good! They need careful consideration when being designed to ensure they deliver on all fronts. When done well, they are a powerful communications tool.


It’s vital your product stands out wherever its placed, making sure it’s the first item buyers reach for. We carefully consider all aspects of your product from design through to selecting materials, to make sure your brand is reinforced throughout. Whether it’s a new product, or reimagining an existing one, we can help you take it to the next level.

Editorial Design

From typography to layouts, graphics to illustrations, editorial design has a huge impact on how information is digested. Whatever the medium, the aim of editorial design is to create a wonderful experience for the reader, producing something that they truly can’t put down.


For an advert to be successful you need to grab their attention then follow through with an offering that is unique and relevant. We understand commercial value, so regardless of how aesthetically pleasing an advert is it has to effectively do its job. We can help you create adverts that pique interest and showcase your business.

Event Creative

We design event creative that makes an impact, getting people as excited about it as you are. Our design and marketing expertise can take you from initial concept and boosting ticket sales, to seeing your vision brought to life at your event. Whether it’s a local event for your community, or seen globally, we can assist you every step of the way.

Exhibition, Signage and Wayfinding

Whether you’re standing next to your competition at events and trade shows or installing a sign that shows everyone just where you are, you have to stand out. Showcasing your business through your distinct and recognisable brand, clear offering and bold design.

Brand Collateral

Stationery, marketing components, T-shirts! Whatever it is that displays your brands name, it needs to fit your guidelines and look professional. We source the necessary stocks and materials, create designs that fit your brief and make sure the quality of the product is second to none.

Direct Mail

Direct mail can be a valuable marketing tool. But with heavy competition potentially dropping through mailboxes at the same time as yours, it must be carefully considered. Creating eye catching mailers that can’t be ignored, clearly showing your businesses unique offering can create powerful campaigns.

Nestled in Cirencester, we're a design agency focused on Branding, Print, and Digital. From small projects to significant branding and event undertakings, our portfolio has it all.


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